Bud and Herbs About Us

So turn the clocks ahead to 2018. We live in a different world than we did a year ago, political changes, medical advancements, advancements in cannabis treatments and acceptance. For over 10 years, Bud and Herb have helped hundreds of people with medical cannabis to relive pain, depression, cancer, sleep deprivation with one clear path of providing the very best consistent medical cannabis products on the market today. Combined with a strong ethical compass, Bud and Herbs will provide the very best labeled, consistent, cannabis products at a fair value for our medical members.

The quest for narcotic free treatments started in 2000, when the founder Joseph Lackie was looking for an alternative to prescription pain medications, plus a fear of severe brain injury after years of racing motocross and playing rugby made him focus on CBD treatments and research.

After 18 surgery’s in a 12 year period. Joseph found the meds made him feel lethargic and tired, along with depression and constipation, he sourced medical cannabis looking for a strain that would not knock him out and he could go to work running a High Tech Company without feeling high.

A friend told Joseph in Sept 2000 about some Hawaiian cannabis full of seeds that seemed to help with the pain but no one wanted it because you didn’t get that high. (Read: CBD working without pain) So life was great with CBD, no more meds and lots of motivation. And No Feeling of being Stoned.

That same friend also helped Joseph with Sleep deprivation in early 2001 with a strain called the Lizard. That friends name, may he rest in piece was Sonny. Together for 8 years Joseph and Sonny nurtured the lizard strain with help from Buddy (BUD) the Savana Monitor that ate the bugs and Herb (HERB) the cat that worked with Buddy to keep the rooms organically free of bugs and rodents, hence the name Bud & Herbs.  Often imitated but never duplicated.


Bud and Herbs About Us, Why Now?

For years we have being watching from the side lines hoping ethics will overcome greed in the cannabis industry. And were we wrong! Disgusted by people getting sick because of chemicals used in speeding up the processes, unlabeled products creating a mystery on what is in the product, False and misleading labeling in regards to the amount of medicine actually in the product. Enough was enough.

Bud & Herbs LTD and budandherbs.com is focused on 4 main goals.

  • Provide Video education for the public and healthcare professionals on the many uses and treatment options for medical cannabis.
  • Cannabis Dispensary training for staff. Onsite or online education modules so Cannabis dispensaries offer the proper education for staff. Plus teach and share ethical practises while counselling people or healthcare professionals on a day to day basis.
  • Testing of products
  • Community involvement and resources.

It is our goal to work with the Canadian government to ensure legalized Bud and Herbs products is available in every city in Canada and shared in a global vision.